The Cure for Common Pride

PRIDE is hard to cure, just like the common cold. Like a cold, PRIDE will bring you down if left unchecked!  PRIDE is something we will fight for the rest of our lives!

PRIDE is such a complex thing in life of a person.

  • We are supposed to have PRIDE in our work; yet PRIDE is one of the “7 deadly sins.”
  • We have PRIDE in our country, the great USA; yet that PRIDE is often misconstrued as arrogance and vanity in the Red, White, and Blue.
  • We have PRIDE in the fact that our favorite football or baseball team is winning for a decade; yet too often this pride is a masked term for idolatry.

PRIDE gets us in trouble without us even realizing it most of the time. PRIDE hinders the very ability for God’s sovereignty to move in our lives and move according to His will and in His way! PRIDE sets us “up” for the take “down.” It is a silent and deadly killer––especially to the Christian. PRIDE says, “Look at me!” And by looking at “me,” “me” takes our eyes off of Him––Jesus!

So what is the “cure” for the common spell of PRIDE?

John the Baptist got it figured out.

John 3:30, “He (Jesus) must become greater and greater; and I must become less and less!” It is not what Jesus does, that determines what I do. It is however, that Jesus will be greater and I will become less––REGARDLESS! It is all action on my part. I will take my eyes off of me, and put my eyes on HIM!

Remember that when you lower yourself when compared to Him, He will lift you up! 1 Peter 5:6 “…at the right time He will lift you up in honor!” 

That will cure the “COMMON PRIDE”!