Anchor Steps

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I recently watched a competition of the World’s Strongest Man! As I sat there watching, I was absolutely amazed at the strength and the power that these men possessed. It was so impressive and definitely earned through hours and hours of HARD work. The diet, the training, the discipline, and absolutely selling out to their sport were absolutely astonishing.

One of the things that I was especially captivated by was the “Bus Pull”. A man that was only 350 lbs., pulling a Tour Bus that weighed in at a whopping 53,000 lbs. They had to move this bus 25 feet, no sweat right. The time to beat 42.24 seconds, I found myself mesmerized by the fact that these massive athletes were pulling this bus. One athlete pulled the bus in over 1 minute and 5 seconds; I thought to myself, “That wasn’t very fast!”

What, wait on a minute…There is no way I could pull a 53,000 lb. bus any distance in any amount of time. “Dan get off of your high horse of pride.”

Let me share with you something that I saw in each athlete as they pull this bus. Guess what, this is deep, hold on, are you ready, here it is… They started off by taking a series of small steps that are called Anchor Steps. They had to “stick” these Anchor Steps before they could get their body in the right motion, building momentum to get the bus rolling in the right direction! WOW, that is so life applicable! Get the small things that matter so much in the right direction, and then you get the bus rolling in the right direction.

Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” Is the Lord asking you to move in a direction, to do something that you have never done, to be a something that you have never been before. All it takes is a small step in the right direction. Take those Anchor Steps, get the bus moving, and then watch momentum take you across the finish line.

By the way, Latavia is currently the country that the World’s Strongest Man lives in!