I Don’t Feel Like a Great . . .


I don’t feel like a great… (now you feel in the blank) _______________________!
Have you ever made a decision that would cause you to doubt who you are in Christ?  As a husband, maybe you made the “wrong” choice.  As a mother, maybe you made the “tough” decision.  As a business owner, maybe you made a “bad” hire.  As a friend, maybe you made a “hurtful” comment.  These (and many more) situations sometimes play out in our minds that we are a “bad” whatever (again, you feel in the blank).
I want to give you a little nugget to chew on today…
The enemy is going to attack you where you are most vulnerable––your feelings, emotions, behaviors, then ultimately your destiny.  Perry Noble said this, “The enemy is going to attack your feelings. Why?  Feelings control your emotions.  Emotions control your behavior.  And behaviors ultimately control your destiny!”  The enemy is a smart adversary, yet he is OUR adversary!
To fight these attacks, you have to know what God says about YOU.  What has He promised you?  How does He feel about you?
Here is what He says about you…
You are God’s masterpiece. Eph. 2:10
You were created in His image. Gen. 1:27
You are called of God. Eph. 4:1

Here is what he has promised you…
A future and a hope. Jer. 29:11
To never leave you or forsake you. Deut. 31:6
He will take care of you. Phil. 4:19

Here is what He feels about you…
You are honored and He loves you. Isa. 43:4
He loves you so much He died for you. John 3:16
He leads me, because He delights in me. Ps. 18:19
I want to let you in on a little secret that I am still working through in my life.  God’s love for me is incomprehensible; Romans 8 tells us that. Isaiah 54:17 tells that “…no weapon turned against you will succeed.”  No matter how “bad” you feel, no matter how “little” you feel, no matter how you feel––you have to fight a battle––the battle in your mind.  Don’t feel great?  Change the way you feel!  The only way you do that is with the truth.

And the truth is that “He Loves You!” Is. 43:4