Cartoons with the Kids

This week, I was sitting down watching cartoons with my kids. I do not make that a regular habit. (Cartoons today aren’t exactly what they were in 1978––anyway, I digress!)

We were watching Doc McStuffins. I am not too familiar with it, but tuned in with the kids because they were very tuned in pretty intently! Truck

The premise of the show is little 6-year-old Dottie Mc Stuffins runs a “Dr.’s office” for the family’s toys and stuffed animals, as she wants to be a Doctor like her mother. In this episode she needed to fix a race truck, “Tremaine,” for her brother Donny. Tremaine needed some dings fixed and a little paint applied to his racing stripes, as Donny had entered Tremaine in a “Best of Show” contest!

As Dottie grabbed Tremaine to begin the “fix-it” process, Tremaine began to squirm and move all around. Dottie says, “Tremaine, I cannot fix you until you are still. I don’t want to make a bigger mess of things on your stripes!” Dottie lets Tremaine run around and race until he is finally ready to settle down. Then she begins the process of fixing and painting––not without the squinting eyes of Tremaine, for he really disliked the sitting still part of this “painful” operation. Finally though, as soon as Dottie was done, Tremaine was off the table and racing around the room! Over 60 laps––round and round he went––until everyone was bored and dizzy! Guess what? The new paint stayed on, dried, and looked great!

Why did I just recap an episode of Doc Mc Stuffins? Because the Lord quietly spoke to me, “Be still, and know that I am God!” Ps. 46:10

I am not sure what the racing stripes of your life are looking like right now, but chances are, if your life is like mine, you have bumped into a thing or 2…or 7. We both could use some touch-up work! The question  is not “IF” God can do the touch-up work. The question is, “Will we sit still long enough for Him to do what is best for us?” We need to BE STILL!

Well, Tremaine won first place! He beat out 4 or 5 pretty sweet cars. Me personally––I didn’t think Tremaine was the best overall. Good thing I wasn’t the judge. And most people look at us and probably don’t think we are the best in show either. Good thing they aren’t our judge!

I am glad the Judge knows best! I am glad He takes care of my racing stripes! I am glad to know that He Loves You and Me! Is. 43:4