Jesus, I’m Counting On You!

Stressed If you listen to or read the news these days, there is a definite feel that we need God to move on our behalf! The shootings…the attacks…the government shutdown––emotions are very stressed and uptight. We are in extreme need of God visiting us in a new and extreme way. Life feels very overwhelming right now!

A couple of weeks ago, I felt impressed to write a prayer in my message. I would like to share this prayer with you again…

“God, now is the time to see Your hand move! Let the people of the Cape, my work place, and my family see You do Your work through me! God, I remind You of Your will! You brought me here; You put me right in the middle of this place. This is not circumstance or happenstance––this is a destiny moment for me and those around me! Lord, it is up to You to get me through. Until then, I will RUN, I will GO DOWN STANDING, and I will REMEMBER YOUR PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE! I AM YOURS! God, it is Your time in my life! God these are Your people! Take the pressure Lord––this is Yours!”

You may not live on the Cape, but maybe you sense the feelings and pressure that are in the air of our world right now. Please know that God sees you and has not left you. My Pastor says, “Remember, if it is over your head, it is still under HIS feet!”

Jesus said in John 16:33, “You will have suffering in this world, but take care, for I have overcome the world!” Let’s not be overwhelmed, Lord will You OVERCOME! Jesus, I am counting on You!