The Jesus Bat

JesusBatI realize the title of this post is a little different for some to “handle,” but I love it. I didn’t come up with it either.

On a Saturday this fall, I was coaching a baseball game. We were winning and had actually beat the team we were playing several times previously. One young player stood up to bat. This kid was not all that as far as “looking” like an athlete. The second pitch he received, he took a particular yellow and black Easton bat and knocked a great hit for a single. The young man in the on-deck circle dropped his own bat and picked up the same Easton bat and knocked another single. Then I heard something I have never heard in all my years of being around the game of baseball. The visiting dugout began to chant “Jesus Bat, Jesus Bat, Jesus Bat.”

At first, I couldn’t tell what they were saying . . . “Jason’s Bat, Jinx the Bat, etc…,” so our assistant coach asked their Head Coach.  He confirmed, “Jesus Bat!” I relearned a lesson right there in Wareham, MA.

You see, none of these kids were Pastors, Missionaries, or Evangelists; they were boys on a ball diamond. You see, where I live in Massachusetts, there are far less “Christian” families than other places I have lived in the South or Midwest. Yet deep in the hearts and souls of these 9 and 10 year old boys, they knew something about the Power of Jesus! If truly this bat were Jesus’, it could hit anything!

Coincidence––that same week my daughter’s memory verse at school was Luke 18:27, “Jesus replied, “What is impossible for people, is possible with God!”

Where are you at today with Jesus? Yes, it is true that with Him all things are possible; yet this does not make Him a cosmic vending machine. However, it does mean that a life fully devoted to Him can be an awesome life with incredible proof that God is a GREAT GOD!

Do you need a “Jesus Bat” in your life? Bad news––there’s no such thing! However, Jesus Himself IS real and He desires your life! All of it! And He will help you keep on swinging in this life!

Oh yes, I almost forgot… the same week the Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series! Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox – “Worst to First”! Hummmm, just like Jesus, taking you and me from “WORST TO FIRST!”