Humility: What Is It?

ApronSpeaking at a conference this week, Pastor James McDonald uttered the following quote, “The Bible doesn’t say ‘Be Humble,’ it says ‘Humble Yourself.’”

As you read this, think with me about your life. Today in America, we are constantly told to climb the ladder…go to the top…be the best––loudest––brightest––the star! But Christ is saying “Humble yourself!”

Humility is not an adjective. It is a verb! Jesus said “Turn the other cheek,” “Give your brother your ‘shirt’ and your ‘coat,’” and finally “If you want to find your life, you have to lose your life. Pick up your cross and follow Me!”

I can’t tell you how to humble yourself. I don’t know your life and relationships. But I do know that in humbling yourself, you are putting others before your own interests. In following Christ, you are putting His life and death over your own.

I have often heard it said, “Dan, I want to live for something bigger than myself!” I can’t think of anything bigger to live for, than someone who gave His life for you and I!

Will you join me?  Let’s find ways to humble ourselves! To serve, to give, to love––with no strings attached. Let’s do what Jesus did!