The Bargain Table

FishThis week I was at a local grocery store getting a few things for the family on my way home. Something caught my eye––the bargain table. Now, let me assure that the pride in this guy is not so strong that I cannot shop at the bargain table. Some great items have been purchased at the bargain table, sale rack, or discount store. Bring on the red tags!

However, at this particular bargain table, what caught my eye was the QUALITY of items on the table. You see, what I saw were the “crumbs” at the bottom of the bowl. These were Christmas items that nobody wanted, even during the height of the Christmas rush. There were not just a couple of things, there were several of the same item. These things were NEVER going to be purchased. They just didn’t belong. Unfortunately for their lonely merchandise hearts, they were never going to find themselves on a Christmas tree, at a dinner table, wrapped snuggly underneath a layer of wrapping paper, or even wrapped over someone’s well thought out gift for someone special. They were going to be shipped off to a junk store, returned to the company, given away, even perhaps the dreaded––THROWN AWAY!

I looked at the prices: $1.99 down to 29¢. Mere fractions of the original cost! Past cheap.

As I began my serious shopping, I wished the prices reflected on the “good stuff,” look more like those from the leftovers that nobody wanted. I then said to myself, “Wow, the things I really came here to get, they cost an arm and a leg!”

At that moment I felt as though Jesus was saying to me, “I gave My life for you…and him…and her…and them. See that guy over there? Him too!” Talk about a change in perspective right in the middle of the grocery store. I tried to refocus and get out of the store without thinking anymore about the gentle nudge of Christ.

I was on Main Street when I saw a lady that was for sure under privileged. She was weathered, down trodden, and lonely. He said to me, “And her!” Okay Jesus, I got it.

There is no price tag to the life that you and I have that Jesus didn’t already pay!

Oh How He loves us so much that He didn’t just give His arm and leg, He gave His LIFE for you and me…and him…and her…and them!