A Prose about the Little Things!

HandsI would like to share a short written prose about the “Little Things.” It is written by a mentor of mine, Ric Olsen. Ric is so special to me. He was a part of my formidable Jr High years. He was my Royal Ranger Commander (www.royalrangers.com) He still is a strong voice in my life. Here is his short prose entitled . . . 

“Yahweh of the Little”

You look to me and for me in the big and macro things in and around your life. I want you to see me in the small and micro things. Such as:

The other night you stabbed yourself with your thumb as it slipped off of the sheet while you were laying in bed. It just missed your eye. Who do you think did that?

The other day, you were cutting some hot wires in a metal box. Your cutters touched the box, but nothing happened. Who do you think protected you?

The other day, you were you were on a counter cutting in an outlet and you started to lose your balance. Who do you think caught you before you fell?

I want you to be still, sense my presence, feel me there, know my touch that is all around you. 


I will never forsake you or leave you. I said that, I meant it!

All you have to do is practice my presence.

Be still, and know,

I  AM there, waiting for you.

Commander Ric, thanks for the great reminder! Thanks for great prose.

Jesus, thank you for the Little Things!