Recipe for Victory

I have had a lot of great moments with my kids. On a morning a while back, my daughter says to me, “Daddy, did you have good dreams?” “No,” I replied. “I didn’t have any dreams.” She quickly responded, “That is sad…everyone needs dreams!” I was stunned and struck with the enormity of my 6-year-old’s wisdom. Truly one of the downfalls for us as Christians is that we have lost the ability to have dreams! 

recipeThen, during that same week, my son hit me with a big question. “Dad, have you ever let a team down that was counting on you to win?” “Yes son––more times than not,” was my reply. The fragile thoughts of an 11-year-old, desperately wanting to be older and better than he feels on the inside! “How do you get past that Dad?” “Well son…”

Have you ever had those thoughts yourself? Have you ever measured the surroundings of your world and wondered exactly what to do with the fact that you are dreamless; that you feel like everything in the world is crashing down on you? These feeling are not just for the young at heart or the young in body! These feelings are for those that have a heartbeat. Whether young or old, rich or poor, married or single, you will find yourself asking the question “What do I do when I do not know what to do?” 

Well, today I am drawn to a passage in 2 Chronicles 20. You see King Jehoshaphat’s back was up against the wall. He felt as though he had nowhere to turn, no one to look to, and perhaps the end was near. Instead of giving in to those feelings though, he did 5 things:

  1. He admitted he didn’t know what to do. 2 Chr. 20:12
  2. He didn’t fear, because he knew God was bigger! 2 Chr. 20:15
  3. He kept his eyes on God! 2 Chr. 20:17
  4. He believed that God would provide the victory! 2 Chr. 20:20
  5. He acted in the NOW! 2 Chr. 20:22

If you find yourself today in that awkward spot of not knowing what to do, follow King Jehoshaphat recipe. Victory is sweet, 2 Chr. 20:29&30.