A Mother’s Love


HandsDuring World War II, Solomon Rosenberg and his family were sent to a concentration camp. There were several members in the family, including a very frail and sickly son named David. The rules at the camp were simple: You will live as long as you are strong enough to work.” Each day, after work, his family would come back to the barracks and hug each other. 

One day, they all came back and Solomon could not find his son David or his wife. A friend said that when the soldiers came to take young David to the furnaces, he cried out for his mother and said he was scared. The mother could not let her son go alone to that horrible fate, so the friend said she stood up, smiled, and said, “Let me go with you so you won’t be afraid.”

The love that a mom has; she will sacrifice everything she has for her children, just like Jesus did.

Have you told Jesus how grateful you are for His Love? Have you hugged or called your mom to tell her how grateful you are for her love?

Mom, I Love You! Thank you for holding my hand!