Cool Runnings

BobsledOne of my favorite sports movies of all time was on last week, “Cool Runnings!” It is a classic movie about friendship, perseverance, and endurance. And then a little concept tucked away in there, “If at first you don’t succeed, try something different!” 

Failure happens in so much of life. 

  • Perhaps it’s why baseball is America’s pastime––it is a game of failure. 
  • Why is success so important? Because we fall down in the race more often than not.
  • It is why resilience is such an important quality; but as important as it is, it is just as creative. After all, who says you have to come back up in the same way you went down.

The Apostle Paul was just such a case. He was the man of the Pharisees. Trained well. Well spoken. Full of passion. Full of vim and vigor. He was the poster child for The First Pharisee Church! Yet he admitted that he did the things he did not want to do, and didn’t do the things that he wanted to do.

Once Jesus got a hold of him, boy did he ever bounce back with a different version if vim and vigor – love and righteousness, and passion for the Cross! And boy did he ever change, 180 Degrees! He was something else before, then became someone else after his rebound!

Let me leave you with this rhyme…

Feel the Rhythm!

Feel the Rhyme! 

Get on up, it’s definitely your time!

Cool Runnings!