Ragged Old Flag

MemDayJohnny Cash wrote and sang a song entitled, “Ragged Old Flag.” In the song, an old man tells the story of the old flag that hung from the town’s courthouse. In telling the story, he unpacks the the history of the United States flag by way of the battles through which our flag stood as men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice for the great United States of America.

He pens these words in the middle of this song…

She’s been abused,

She’s been burned, dishonored, denied an’ refused,

And the government for which she stands

Has been scandalized throughout out the land.

And she’s getting thread bare, and she’s wearin’ thin,

But she’s in good shape, for the shape she’s in.

Cause she’s been through the fire before

And I believe she can take a whole lot more.


This song reminds of the old hymn of the church “The Old Rugged Cross.” George Bennard penned these words in the middle of this song…


In that old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine,

A wondrous beauty I see,

For ’twas on that old cross Jesus suffered and died,

To pardon and sanctify me.


This Memorial Day I am so thankful for the men and women that have paid with the ultimate sacrifice––their lives! I am so thankful for the “Stars and Stripes,” a constant reminder of the love that many men and women have for the land that I call home. For those who are no longer with us in body, thank you for your service to our great land!

This Memorial Day, I am also moved by the precedent that was set by Jesus when He lived out what He said in John 15:13, 

“Greater love has no man than this, that He would lay down His life for a friend!”

This Memorial Day, please remember those who have fallen for our country, but also remember the One that died for ALL MANKIND!

Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Corpsman, and Coast Guard Seaman – thank you for your sacrifice for our country! I honor you!

Jesus––thank you for your sacrifice for my soul! I Love You!