More Than You Need

BasketThis week, to help out my wife, I volunteered to go to the grocery store. As you may know, she doesn’t allow me to shop most of the time; simply because I cruise the meats, cheeses, fruits, and veggies, tasting things in my head (which ultimately ends up being way too many groceries for our family). 

Back to the story… I decided to go to our local “Warehouse Supermarket,” you know the one that sells things that you want, don’t need, and they sell them in large quantities. Well, Jen told me not to spend more than a particular amount, so I dutifully went on my great treasure hunt with empty expectations, knowing that I couldn’t get what I wanted, simply the things that we had to have––you know milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper.

Confession time… I ended up getting about 6 things that were not on the list! I thought that was great––at least for me. Then I got to the register…OH NO!!!! I spent more than the limit she gave me to spend. That moment I was faced with a choice:

    Full of embarrassment, put back the 6 little treasures that I found that I felt I just had to purchase.


    Face the wrath of the one who oversees the checkbook!

So I did what any red blooded husband would do, I rationalized the purchases and chose to face the potential, “Dan, that is why I don’t let you go to the grocery store!”

In all this noise that you are reading, the Lord dropped a special message to me. He said this…

“Dan, I will never give you more than you can handle! I will never put you in a place where you cannot handle through Me, the situation that you are in. I love you so much, that I am building you up in every place that you find yourself in. The only time you will be overwhelmed by Me, is by realizing how much I love you! Rom. 8!”

Wow God! You love me that much! I am amazed at how much He really gives us strength, faith, hope, and love! Yet truly as 1 Cor. 13: 13 says, “The greatest of these is love!”

When I got home, I unpacked the car by myself. It was then that I got a great surprise! Jen calmly asked me “How much?” I confessed. She answered back, “Wow Babe, you did GREAT! I won’t have to go back to the store for most things for a couple of weeks! Thank you for going to the store for me! I love you!”

Man, double blessing…God told me He Loved Me, and my wife told me She Loved Me! 

I guess I might end up being able to go to the store more often… 

Whatcha think Jen?