Big Picture or Tiny Brush Strokes


PaintingHave you ever been accused of being a “big picture” person? I have, and sometimes it’s painful because you realize you forgot to pay attention to the small, seemingly mundane details that need to happen for the big picture to really develop. Life is like that––a mosaic painting, a bunch of tiny strokes and colors that all come together to make a beautiful painting that is larger than life!

The topic of Revival is like that really big painting in the church! We all want to have the “Glory of God fill this place.” Or how about, “I really love it when the Spirit of God takes over.” Or, “I love it when we worship for the entire service…Jesus really shows up!” I have been guilty of saying those things before. Yes, I use the word guilty! These are all versions of our own personal definition of revival; however…

Revival isn’t something that just happens! Contrary to popular belief, it is a “bunch of little strokes and colors that come together” to make something really beautiful! Think of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the different “strokes” that need to happen in revival.

  • My People – That is the church!
  • Humble themselves – Put themselves after others, after God and his plan!
  • Seek My face – Put God first in all that we do!
  • Turn from the wicked ways – Repent of the sin that so easily besets us!
  • I will hear from heaven and heal their land – Speaks from God – for God!

I want to see the power of God! I want to see God use me! Before that though, I want to make sure that all my “mini strokes and colors” are the strokes and colors that God wants, not the ones I want!

Lord, be our Master Painter!