Knee High by the 4th of July

GirlI met a young lady this week at my new church in Cedar Falls, IA. We became instant friends. She wants to go to England to be a missionary. She loves missions and has a social media presence––instant Facebook friends! Yay Facebook!

Anyhow, after we became “friends,” I saw on her “Wall” a picture of her standing in what appeared to be 5 foot high corn stalks. Not the beauty of oceans and beaches to which I have been accustomed over the the past four years, but there is a definite beauty in the acres upon acres of rolling hills and crops, the fresh air, and the open blue skies over the horizon! I am falling for it quickly, AGAIN!

Back to the story… The caption of her photo was “So much for ‘Knee high by 4th of July!” I can be pretty smart about things and assumed it referred to the height of the corn, but I wanted to make sure that was correct.

I saw my new friend and her dad on Tuesday, so I just to had ask her, “Knee high by 4th of July?” She began to tell me that it was an old farmer’s saying about how corn grows that had been around for a really long time. Then she said, “Corn has changed a lot since then, though!” We laughed and then talked about adventures to the UK, Bible College, and Missions Trips.

My mind hasn’t left that phrase though. Have you ever felt as though someone wanted something from you that had to meet their expectations and be the way they wanted it to be? “You have to be knee high by 4th of July…or else!” The answer is, of course, YES! We all have. We all have been that person given expectations that are close to “unmeetable.” The pressure to rise to the level of expectation of a spouse, parent, teacher, coach, boss, friend, or V.D.P. (very draining person) in your life. It seems like you are doomed to failure.

But there is hope! There is a great song by Chris Rice, “Untitled Hymn,” also known as “Come to Jesus.” Here is a youtube link to listen and watch this wonderful song. Let it be a reminder that no matter who you are, where you are, or what kinds of expectations others have of you, Jesus loves you just the way you are. Find your way to Him!

The scriptures give us a pretty good growth strategy…

Micah 6:8…

“No, O people, the Lord had told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God!”

He doesn’t expect you to be “Knee high by 4th of July.” He knows that you will be just right if you love Him and follow Him!

Jillian, I am so stoked to know you! I cannot wait to see how God uses you to change the world! Keep growing––you are for sure way taller than knee high! Keep blowing out man’s expectations by meeting God’s expectations the rest of your life! Hey, we will be on the streets of the UK, SOON!