GratefulEvery year on Facebook, you see people start a 30 day campaign for the things, people, etc., that they are grateful for! One of the things I try so hard to do in life, is to keep things from becoming mundane, plain, status quo, or “just because.” During the official 2014 Holidays, take some time and think about everything you are GRATEFUL for. Really dig deep and look at your life and your heart to see them.

I am GRATEFUL for Jesus – who loves me so much, who loves you so much!

I am GRATEFUL for Family – who stays by me and has nothing but genuine support for me!

I am GRATEFUL for the Call to Ministry – the Gospel that is so worthy to be lived and preached to the utter ends of the earth!

I am GRATEFUL for the Church – the church that allows people to grow, to love, to make mistakes, and to be loved!

I am GRATEFUL for Life – the conduit that allows all things good and bad to flow together for purpose and destiny!

I am GRATEFUL for Heritage – those that have gone before me, coached me, and let me stand on their shoulders so that I could reach for the destiny God has for me!

I am GRATEFUL for Health – thank you Lord for blood in my veins, air in my lungs, and the ability to think, talk, and love!

I am GRATEFUL for Passion – I am so glad that God has bestowed emotion and desire that is deep and God led!

I am GRATEFUL for America – what a blessing and honor to live in a free land that can practice my faith and live the life that I see fit for my family!

Scripture says this, Philippians 1:3, “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

I am GRATEFUL for You!

Now take some time and you fill in the blank…

I am GRATEFUL for ____________________________________!