Raising Kids God’s Way… Have you ever felt the burden of such an overwhelming task?  If my mom were still with us today she would say, “NO WAY!”  Even though I know there were times when I was growing up that my mom had to feel like she was a complete failure.

But, here I am standing here before you today. She did not fail, but I did put some severe obstacles in her way as she did her best to raise me to be a Godly young man (all by herself––most of the time)!

Today, I want to give you 7 prayers that you can pray over your kids––whether they are still in diapers or whether they have transformed you into “Gandma and Gandpa!  These 7 prayers were instilled in me by a mentor/Pastor that I served.  All three of his children are now grown and serving the Lord in some form of ministry.  These 7 prayers have transformed the lives of many children. They can transform your son’s or daughter’s life also.

  1. Pray for Salvation – Acts 2:38&39
  2. Pray for Wisdom – Proverbs 4:1 & 2
  3. Pray for Protection – Psalm 34:7
  4. Pray for the Right Mate – 1 Peter 3:7
  5. Pray for Boldness – 1 Cor. 16:13
  6. Pray for Endurance – James 1:3 & 4
  7. Pray for Spirit-fullness – Ex. 31:3

So many times we look at the kids we once saw as “cute and cuddly” and now view them as “a process” or “a frustration.”  Remember that God’s Word tells us, “Children are a blessing from the Lord!”  Let’s pray for them.  Let’s love them.  Let’s be an example of Christ for them!