Advent Calendar

AdventI just love this time of year! The memories, the sights, the smells, the meaning–Jesus! The Kings of Kings–born in a manger to bring the world the forgiveness and change from sin that we need. One of the other reasons that I love the Holidays…my kids! Having kids is so much fun during the Christmas season. Not just the presents, great songs, staying up late, but more…the light in their eyes and the passion and love they show for the story of Jesus!

Going down memory lane as we all do at Christmas, I have a memory that will live again this year after lying dormant for over 335 days. When I was a boy, during Christmas–every year starting on December 1–my mom and I would begin to go through the Advent calendar. 25 days of extra devotions (the way I look at it now), but then it was just cool to have the story of Christmas take 25 days. Several years ago, my dad found the very Advent calendar and book I had as a boy, and gave it to me. As you might guess, I cried like a baby. It was like sitting in our little 2 bedroom apartment all over again, just me and mom! What a joyous memory!

This year we started on Monday, December 1 (Jen, Isaiah, Bella, Ian, and I) our journey through the Advent calendar. We huddle around our Christmas tree, play some Christmas music, and we begin to spend some time as a family together with Jesus. A little more than our normal time together, but definitely a time that will mark our family for eternity! Can I encourage you to do the same? A little extra time with the Baby that changed the world–JESUS!

Remember, He is not just a memory, but He is life-changing for you and your family!