The Little Things

ButtonI have a friend who works for a company. This company had a situation where an employee didn’t “push the button.” This lapse cost them about $8,000. A button…that didn’t get pushed…$8,000! That is a lot of money for just a little button!

We used this story for our baseball team this week. We talked about the little things that need to happen in order for the aspects of the game flow correctly so that the game is won. All the little things––not just the home runs, strike outs, and the “Down – 1, 2, 3!” The little things!

Last week I used the scripture verse, Song of Solomon 2:15a (NLT), it says,

“Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard…”

I am so struck by this verse again this week. Those little things that we do or don’t do that have so much value in our life.

  • I have a friend whose father is battling Alzheimer’s. I called him in between appointments and prayed for him over voice mail. The little things!
  • My daughter made sure to tell me that she, not mom, got my favorite juice at the store the other day. The little things! That made my day!
  • My son mowed the grass today, so that I didn’t have to! The little things!
  • At my favorite coffee bar the other day, I was going to use a free drink reward. The person in front of me bought my coffee for me. The little things!

Jesus talked about the Little Things. In John 16:10 (NLT),

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”

I keep hearing Jesus call to my soul, “Dan, be faithful at the little things!” He is calling me on this, why, because I am not always faithful in the little things. I want to be, but too often I am so busy with my own agenda and my own feelings, that I forget and space out to the little things. I want to be better at the little things! That is what separates us often times from failure or success!

Do you hear Him calling to you? It is probably a still, small – little voice! (1 Kings 19:12)