The A Team

EdSheeranThe A Team in today’s musical world, doesn’t mean what it did in the 80s TV world!

“The A Team” is a song written and performed by British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. He wrote the song about a young lady that he met in a shelter where he was volunteering over the Christmas Holidays. Here is a link to the video and story .

The “cliff notes” version of the story is that he listened to her story, got to know her, and then wrote a very poignant version of her story. 

A very good friend of mine is preaching this Sunday at my church. He is speaking on the topic of  “Church, What Are We Here For?” Perhaps Ed Sheeran has a nugget of truth as to why we are here. He tipped me off to this song, and I became captivated by it. Then the truth hit me like a ton of bricks: we are here as the Church to find “The A Team!”

Who is the A Team…

  • The person that is lost in sin and cannot find their way out. 
  • The person that has lost the meaning of life and has no sense of “True North.”
  • The person that has been burdened with the brunt of life, only trying to escape it through the very shallow ecstasy of “love,” drugs, and alcohol. 
  • The person that looks as if they have it all together, but inside are a ball of hurt, pain, confusion, destruction, purposelessness and hopelessness!

You know, Jesus sought out these people. They sought out Jesus––almost as if there was a magnetic pull to the loving extreme of Christ from their lost abyss of despair and sin. Sin is such an ugly word. Sin has gone from the place of being anything that separates us from God, to just describing an action that one does purposefully because they are “bad.” Can I tell you that Jesus died for both! The one that willingly does the thing that they know drives them away from Christ….and the one that is searching but lost. He loves them same!

I love the words of scripture…

Luke 19:10, “10 For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

So let’s join Jesus, and go find “The A Team!”