The “Again” of Change

SeasonsI seriously cannot believe that the summer is nearly over. School starts in less than a month. Football season is starting to make the headlines of the sports page. Fall decorations have already made their way out at Hobby Lobby. And there is a little chill in the early morning air. Fall is coming! Winter is around the corner – AGAIN!

Seasons in nature are very much like life! They are always coming and going (much of the time faster and faster as you get older). However, they are very different! With seasons, you pretty much know what you are getting when they change––sun and heat, breeze and leaves, clouds and cold, snow and ice! In life when seasons change, you may not know what is coming down the pike!

Change is inevitable. We have to embrace it. We should look forward to it. We all have to learn from it! I don’t know what fall will bring you, but be ready for whatever God has in store! You may be looking forward to having some really hard news come your way. Know that God is bigger than the bad in your news. You may face some uncertainty as to the future and plans for that future. Know that God is the author and the finisher of your faith. You may feel as though you are 100% blind to what is right around the corner. Know that God is the Healer of Blind Eyes!

Change will happen AGAIN and AGAIN! We can’t stop it! We just have to grab on and ride the wave of change!

Remember the turtle “Crush” from movie “Finding Nemo?” Then there was Nemo the clownfish’s dad “Marlin.” Talking to a terrified Marlin, Crush reminds us of how to manage the “Again of Change.”

Marlin: How do you know if they’re ready?

Crush: Well, you never really know, but when they know, you know, y’know?

Are you ready? You’ll know!