I Let It Go…


Somehow we managed to have a fruit fly that is trapped in our bathroom. Now, being lovers of fruit, we have fought our share of fruit fly wars over the years. The best remedy is vinegar and dish soap, doesn’t smell very good, but it truly does the trick. My personal favorite though is trying be “Mr. Miyagi,” not with chopsticks, but with my hands. It is very entertaining and can give me quite the workout.

One morning this week I decided that I was going to catch this little rascal. In 5 minutes time, I had the little fly in my hands twice, but didn’t realize had it. I opened my hands and he flew away. To have caught it and let it go (not once, but twice) was so very funny and frustrating.

The second time it got away, I felt like the Lord said to me, “This is a lot like a person’s walk with Me. They catch it, and then they let it go.”

Right there I was immediately refocused, not on the fruit fly, but on the fact that I have caught on to the things of God before…and then let them go. Have you been there before? You know––you have a promise, a correction, a direction, or an inspiration––then life causes you to forget, to let go, to refocus and be distracted from the message that God has for you.

I have a feeling that we have all been there. As I pondered this small truth, I began to reflect on the story of Moses and the 40 year journey of inheriting the Promised Land. You can read the story in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. But in the middle of the story, (Numbers 13 and 14), we see 12 men who were given the task to spy out the Promised Land. Of the 12 only 2 came back with a report that the land could be inhabited. The other 10, had a negative report. What we see unfold in Numbers 14; the 10 men with the distracted view never made it into the Promised Land. In other words “They Let it Go!”

Today I want to ask you, what is the dream, the promise, the inspiration that you know God has spoken to you? That thing that you know you can “take to the bank!” Have you had it in your grasp, and let it go? Have you once held on to something that you know God is trusting you with, only to let it slip from the grasp of your heart and hands? As you read this today, I believe the Lord wants to “restore to you the joy of your salvation” – Psalms 51:12. He really wants you to “live and have your being” – Acts. 17:28. All you have to do is reclaim it, refocus, and reengage with Him!

Don’t wait another day to stop and do business with God. Reclaim your promise, and then stay focused on what He has for you…and don’t let go!

By the way, Fruit Fly: 2 – Dan: 0… for now!