Treasures Through The Web


MailboxThis morning as I was checking the mail box for last night’s mail at the church, I was greeted by something that I absolutely detest! What looked like hundreds of little baby spiders! They were all over everywhere––outside the mailbox, as well as inside. I quickly was going to become the proud papa of a lot of baby bouncing little boy and girl spiders. Piece by piece, I went through the mail to “ensure” that I would take as few of this little critters into the church office as possible.

Through this morning’s exercise, I began to think about something really amazing. God was dropping something so precious in my spirit. Here it is…

I was having to go through some things that I didn’t really care for to get to the “Good” news that was in the mailbox!

Did you catch it? Sometimes in life we have to go through a web of spiders––aka other things that we really do not enjoy or like to get to the good news that God has for us! Here is the catch though, are you and I going to let the things that we do not like keep us from getting to the things that we know we need? Now let me preface that the mail this morning didn’t have any news that was earth shattering, not even a bill––thank you Jesus! But, over the years, I have developed a habit, where I love checking the mail. It is a small adventure. I never know what will come. Most of the time I have an idea, but every now and then there it is a special card, or letter, or invitation, or just a small note of thanks and appreciation––treasure from the mail box.

Today, let be encourage you to keep pressing through the things that you do not necessarily like or enjoy. Most of the time, if we will keep on pressing through, there is a treasure right aright around the corner!