The increase of wickedness is truly coming at us from all walks of life! This is not a Political Battle! This is not a Socio Economic battle! It is not a Geographical Map battle! 

For sure as you read scripture, you will see that these things will happen more and more often. This is a Spiritual Battle! The devil wants to win and he hates Jesus! But the encouraging thing is this…

In John 16:33, Jesus said “Take heart for I have overcome the world!” 

It doesn’t seem as though He has overcome the world. It seems that He is getting further and further. Please know that this is humanity far from Christ, growing more and more desperate to separate themselves from a Christ they have felt of no use for. Matt. 24:12 says, “Beacsiae of the increase of wickedness (evil), the love (for Christ) will grow cold (be snuffed out).” 

Let me encourage you today, of you are from God, Jesus is the only answer! Ask him to forgive you of your sin and be your All in All! Ask Him to be your EVERYGHING!

If you have walked away from Jesus, know that it is not to late! The Bible makes it abundantly clear throughout its pages that God is the God of 2nd and 3rd and 100th chances! Nothing can separate you from the live that He has for you! Turn back and run to Him!

If you need someone to pray with you, I would be glad to! Stand up for time is drawing near for His return! Email me and I will respond, FOR SURE!

Let us all prepare our hearts and know that when one of us is struggling, all of us can come around and be the strength we need to reflect Christ!

Now we pray…

God be with Paris! 

Be with us all! 

#Immanuel #prayforparis