GratefulThe words “On behalf of a grateful nation…” are very still and silent to the heart and soul of families that have a loved one serving in the US Military. These are the words uttered when a member or veteran of the US Military dies and is buried with respects from the US Government. It is truly incredibly moving to hear these words when you are hearing them said to a wife, mother, father, child, etc.; or even hearing them from the 3rd or 4th row behind the family.

Too often, these words aren’t uttered enough to the Veteran or Active Duty member on a daily basis before we hear them at a funeral! I love to walk up to a veteran wearing a cap signifying which war they served in and say, “Excuse me sir. I just wanted to say to you, thank you for your service to our great country!” I have never been pushed away or made to feel like I inconvenienced a veteran. Now my oldest son does it, and my daughter will watch with delight in her heart. Truly this is a tradition that all civilians should adopt in their lifestyle.

John 15:13 & 17 says…

13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 

17 This is my command: Love each other.”

Jesus cues us into something here. That 1st, He is about to lay down His life for us. Why? He Loves Us! 2nd, the act of laying down your life for someone means that you love them immensely! 3rd, He gives us all the command to “LOVE EACH OTHER!” This is pretty powerful block of scripture––one that we all struggle with, and really have a hard time walking through in in our lives. Most of us have an incredibly difficult time even processing this in our minds.

But, I want to challenge you…

This week, as we observed Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, consider the love that the veteran has for the USA! Consider the fact that they are willing to lay down their lives for you and me!

But more directly to our eternity, consider how much more Jesus loves us all, that he would lay down His life for you and me, and the veteran, and the sinner, the thief, the liar, EVERYONE!

Veteran, on behalf of a grateful family – the Lewiston’s say “We are thankful!”

Veteran, on behalf of a grateful nation – the USA says, “Thank You!”

Jesus, on behalf of a grateful soul that has been saved, a life that has been changed, a brokenness that has been put back together…