Greater Things


ThanksRecently a great friend of mine went through a relationship breakup. As some of us use Facebook as our social billboard of our lives, this friend changed the status of their wall from “Dating” to “Single.” As you can imagine this friend began to receive all kind of remarks, some of consoling nature, some of “I’ll beat that guy up,” but there was one that caught my eye. “Greater things are yet to come!” WOW! What perspective and what encouragement if you will allow yourself to see what God sees!

This weekend I find myself thinking a lot about the greater things in my life. How thankful I became as  I was reminded of the people and the situations that helped shaped me to be the Christ Follower, the Husband, the Dad, and the man I am today! I am thankful for the relationships, the mentors, the times in life where I felt like I was walking through the pit of despair, yet there were encouraging words, a loving friend, a prayer prayed on my behalf, or a phone call that came at just the nick of time! Boy, how thankful I am for the greater things!

I know we are sprinting into the Christmas season––parties, kid’s performances, family gatherings, office parties, etc. Take a few moments everyday over these next few weeks and think about the greater things that are coming your way. Take the time to say “Thank You” to God for allowing the greater things to shape you, change you, mold you, and make you into the person you are today!

After you say “Thank You,” go find the people in your life that need to hear a word of encouragement, a special verse of reason and love, or a prayer of faith offered in relationship! Help seed some “GREATER THINGS” in someone else’s life!

Remember the group Blue Tree? They sing the song, “God of this City” (listen HERE).  Let them remind you of the “GREATER THINGS” that are coming!