2016Well, by the time this “hits the presses,” it will be the 2nd day of the new year of 2016! So hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday, we were talking about summer plans for 2015. Now we are wishing for summer 2016! LOL! The circle of winter is well on us!

The core thought for being in 2016 is Living Life with Purpose! I really don’t want the year 2016 to end and look back on it and see that purpose did not make it to the end of the year.

One may ask how you live with purpose, it starts with a couple of thoughts using the acrostic FIRST…

F – Keep God First!

I – I will not focus on my plan, but His!

R – Build this year on the Rock of my salvation!

S – Keep a Servant’s posture for the entire year!

T – Time, Talent, and Treasure are all for Him!

Purpose living is the FIRST priority this year! Will you join me?