Your Quiet Away Place…

A man once asked a successful leader in the community, “What is the key to success in this community?” The leader said to the man, “Knowing God, and then hearing what He says over the feelings and emotions of your heart!” The man walked away puzzled, that the simplicity of success equals time with Our Creator!

In these two passages of scripture, we see both Abraham and Jesus prioritize spending time with their Heavenly Father! Both men were incredible leaders and changed the world. Both lived their life by spending time with the God. Both knew that to walk the road of life in success, they had to hear God speak and learn to trust that the Father knows best. The only way to know that… Spend Time With Him!

Some would say, “You don’t know my schedule, I can’t afford to get ‘quiet away’ time with the Lord!” Let me assure you today, you can’t afford not to! We have to spend time with the Father

Fine your quiet and away time today, you will begin to see your life filled with peace, truth, correction, love, mercy, confidence… All synonyms for successful living…that reflects Christ!