Rocky or Apollo!

I was born in 1973, thus the 80’s shaped me. I learned culture, values, politics, sports through the 10 years of big hair, glamour rock, Reaganomics, the final chapter of the Cold War. 

One of the things I learned was the value of true friendship and mentorship. Boy did I have some great friends and mentors that started in the 80’s. Many of those relationships are still strong today. 

Suffice it so, I didn’t really learn the power of Prov. 27:17, until 2007 as I join a group of coaches that really exhibited the power of healthy relationships and mentorship. These guys saw my struggles, my sin, my victories, my journey and they taught much about what my job was in life – Love Others! They sharpened me my teaching love, forgiveness, perseverance, and were examples of Godly men!

I have many new friendships and mentors today. Younger and older, different walks of life, from different places, but through it all I am sharper today than I was yesterday, because of friends!

As you read this today, take inventory of the relationships in your life. Look at your friends and mentors. Are they pressing you to love others like Christ loves us? Are they pressing you to reflect Christ? Are they sharpening you to precision in your relationship with other people? More importantly with God?

A friend sharpens you! A friend loves you! A friend cares about your success, more than their own! A friend takes the sparks and fragments of your life, and helps you become who Jesus wants you to become! A friends takes the time to help you be better!

Will you be that friend, that Mentor, will you Rocky to Apollo? Or Apollo to Rocky?

Go sharpen someone today!