Ready? Sync. Go!

There are a lot of benefits in spending time with Jesus. Psalm 89:15-17 does a great job of outlining those personal rewards.

They walk in light. They are in God’s presence. They rejoice all day in the reputation of God. They understand and give back His righteousness. They garnish God’s strength. And lastly, there is the promise that God will continually make us strong!

But before you get the benefits and rewards of spending time with Him, it starts with a small action…

You and I have to hear the call to spend time with Him!

To hear that call, we have to have our ears tuned to Him. We have to have our hearts set on His ways, thus crowding out the pain and distress of sin. We have to adjust our watches and calendars to Christ. 

I once heard a message on the clock and the compass. Which was more important? We have to get to the place where we prioritize the time spent with Jesus, so we can sync the compass of our life with His compass for our lives!

Today, if you adjust your clock, to spend time with Him, you will sync up the direction of your life to spend eternity in His presence!

Ready? Sync. Go!