No place for if!

If is a small word that packs a powerful punch! If represents doubt and unbelief! If takes the mustard seed of Faith and neutralizes it! If casts a cloud of not really over what could have been! If has no place in the life of a Christ Follower!

Jesus is pretty clear here that faith and believe are the catalyst to every situation that you and I find ourselves facing. Having the strong belief that Jeaus can see us through any situation in life, is not an “Ace up our sleeve”, but more a truth that means we will never face anything no big to overcome our Faith in Christ!

Today if you find yourself facing something that is breeding a bunch of if’s in you heart and soul, let the words of Jesus really settle your upset thinking. If you really believe that Jesus can change the atmosphere, ask Him! If you are feeling like there is nothing but hopelessness and despair, declare His victory and love! If you are at the end of the proverbial rope in a situation, stand in the knowledge that He is the provider of all things!

“Anything is possible, if a person believes! – Jesus