So they encouraged them!

This verse is amazing when stacked up against the day and age that we live in. Paul and Silas were literally in beaten with wooden rods, put in shackles in the most inner dungeon, and exhausted. 
After an earthquake which broke off the chains. Then an encounter with the jailer, keeping him from suicide, then leading him and his family to Christ. Then Paul and Silas waited for the Romans to apologize for how they had treated the 2 men. After the apology and then leaving town, they went an encouraged the believers. 

I so want the courage and Holy Spirit stamina that they had to keep on doing the work of Christ through situations that I face. I so want to be used in a way where it is not about my battle, but knowing the battle is the Lord’s! I so want the Holy Spirit to flow through me, so that I am a utensil for His glory, not a believer of my own press! 

Lord Jesus, be my everything! Be my Master! Be the guiding light of my life!