Plus Some!

Paul says, “It will be just as He (God) said. But we will be shipwrecked on an island!” That whole shipwrecked thing is ‘Plus Some’, but most of us probably wouldn’t think of it in terms of a positive plus some. More like a “Seriously! But I’m doing what God called me to do. I just don’t understand!”

You know because Paul’s ship, it was a police escort ship – he was being guarded and going to jail in Rome to face Ceasar, was shipwrecked- multiple people came to know Jesus -!that otherwise may not have gotten to experience the gospel of Jesus. In the midst of yet another storm, God made peace through it. 

Often times I am persuaded by my own emotions and feelings that the storms, the shipwrecks, and the interruptions to the plan along the way – are inconveniences more than God’s sovereignty. Out of these sometimes really big interruptions come some amazing testimony’s that God has for us, but a lot of times for other people. We just have to be willing to be “shipwrecked”!

Are you shipwrecked today? Are you in a place where you seem like the whole plan just ran aground? Are you in a place where the interruptions are more than the execution of ‘your’ plan? 

Maybe you are there to bring the light of the Gospel? Maybe you are there to strengthen someone else’s faith in Christ! Maybe you are there to be the “Plus Some” in someone’s else’s journey?

No matter which it is, remember that the ‘Plus Some’ is – “Just as He said it would be!”