Dreams of Freedom…

God gives us dreams! Dreams from Him are dreams of Freedom! Godly dreams come to us to show a pathway of freedom to people around us. 

In the story of Joseph, we see several dreams that He had, all of which put a lot of relational space between him and his family. His dreams became a catalyst and launching point for God’s plan in his life, but it also split the unity in the ones that should have been closest to him. 

Joseph, being put in a cistern, sold into slavery, put into prison maintained a close relationship with God and eventually rose to be the Prime Minister of Egypt. As the Prime Minister of Egypt, he not only managed to save Egypt, but he saved his family! The very family that started the wheels in motion by casting him to that cistern and selling him into slavery; became the family that relied on him and he willing extended love, mercy, and showed them the pathway of Freedom!

Today, as you read this, know that your dreams, are not just there for you, but for others. Yours dreams are for your freedom, and someone else’s! 

So dreamer, keep dreaming! People need the hope in your dreams! Freedom depends on it! God is going to use you!