Change the Water


TeaI know you have probably heard the old story about changing the water. If you haven’t it goes something like this…

If you take a pot of boiling hot water, and leave it to itself – it eventually evaporates into steam, leaving an empty pot.

If you take that same pot of boiling water and throw 3 or 4 eggs into it, after about 12 minutes, there has been very little effect on the water, but the eggs that were once in the shells as slimy and icky raw eggs – become hard and starchy. If one is not careful, eggs left in the water too long will become inedible.

Still yet, if you take the same boiling water and throw carrots into it for the same time, the water will not change that much. However, the carrots that were once firm and crunchy, are now soft and mushy.

  • Now still, boiling water left to itself – wastes away.
  • Eggs are hardened by the water.
  • Carrots are softened by the water.

Now if you put a tea bag in that same boiling hot water and let it steep, you will see the water begin to change colors. The smell and aroma of the tea begins to infiltrate the air as it changes the complexity of the water. You see the essence of the tea changes the water. It infuses the water, bringing the value of the water to a different level. What was once clear and tasteless (as all good water should be), becomes a fine hot beverage that brings warmth, sophistication, and satisfaction on a cold winter’s day!

You see, life is like that boiling hot water. Life lived by itself is useless. Some people in life become hardened by life, while others are reduced to a pile off mush and ick!

Yet you are I were created to bring new adventure to life and those that we are surrounded by. So change the waters of your life. Be the essence of Christ and bring warmth, love, and satisfaction to a cold and lost world!

As you’re waiting in the boiling pot of life, remember the words of Lamentation 3:25,

“The Lord is good to them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeks after Him.”

So remember, “We’re all made to be like TEA BAGS. We’re not worth much until we’ve been through some HOT WATER.”  Jeanne Mayo