This is going to be a little cheesy, but the truth is simple, honest, and true!

Gods Positioning Systems! Cheesy sorta, but like I said true!

Think of your Google Maps app for a second. When you plug in an address, hit start, “you” show up as a blue arrow – surrounded by a white circle. And then based in the signal strength of your phone, you are guided to your destination. Ah, modern technology!

God works differently than Google Maps, we are all not just a bucnch of arrows on a grid moving around at our own whim and notion. The truth about God is that He sees us. Not a representation of us, but truly who we are and where we are. 

The really amazing fact of this story, is that the verses right before vs. 13, the Lord saw Hagar sitting beside a water spring, getting ready to run away from all of what she knew. She was done! God came to her and spoke with her. As a matter of fact, He told her exactly what was happening in her life, spoke direction to her and for her, and then spoke blessing into her life!

Can I assure you today, that no matter where you are, what you are facing? Whether you are a Christ Follower, or still wandering in your spiritual journey. God sees you and desires to have relationship with you. He loves you, He sees you, and He will help you go to the place that He knows is best for you!

God truly is the only God who sees You – for who you are! Don’t forget, He is the one who created you!