What’s In A Name?

BabyNameMuch can be said of a person’s name! A name brings with it certain feelings about that person. A name can give you clues as to the upbringing of the person. A name can carry with it the reputation of the person who bears that name. A name can say a lot.

Abraham Lincoln, Osama Bin Laden, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Hayden Frye, Bill Belichick, Mitt Romney, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan or how about Jesus Christ…

As we read those names, we all may have thought different things. If we know the name, we think of the good or bad qualities that person has. If they attained major success, we think of the positives. If they were a person where war or angst was a part of their life, we might think of the negatives. All in all, we think of the legacies left by these people.

You know, people also think of things when they think of you and me! We even have certain thoughts when we think of ourselves. (Mostly when we have negative thoughts on the things we do not like about ourselves.) Did you know that is not how God thinks when He thinks of us! He thinks of these things:

So no matter what you see in your own name, know today that what He sees when He sees your name is probably something far better than you see when you hear your name!