Mom’s Day


DanMomMother’s Day! I love Mother’s Day in a different way these days. My mom passed away to be with Jesus over 7 years ago. Now instead of calling mom, sending her a card or flowers…I spend a quiet day of reflection with memories from the years that I had with her.

That has become an interesting situation for me. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time arguing and battling my mom over adolescence issues. My young adult years I spent trying to prove my mom did not know as much as she said that she knew. When I got married and had my own children, I quickly found out how much my mom knew about life, love, family, and me!

She was passionate about her kids, passionate about my dad, passionate about her grandchildren, and she was passionate about her Lord and Savior! Mom, thank you for passing on your passion to me! Thank you for showing me what it looks like to love, to live, and what it is to believe in something that is bigger than you! I miss you! I Love You Mom! Thank You for the memories. Thank you for the passion. Thank you for my life! Happy Mother’s Day! Oh, tell Jesus hello for me!

Today you have a gift – a Mom! If she is still alive; call her, email her, text her, take her out for lunch! If she is on the other side of eternity, slip a prayer of thanks to God for giving you a special gift – MOM! Regardless of where she is, tell her today, “Mom, I Love You!”