The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

One of my daughters favorite movies is Annie! She has never seen the original movie, but absolutely loves the story that is so vibrantly portrayed in both versions of the movie. You know the story, orphan Annie is eventually adopted by Daddy Warbucks. Going through some pretty remarkable characters and facing some terrible life altering situations, Annie’s life takes a turn for the best. She and Daddy Warbucks live happily after after.

Last week we turned our A/C on and there was nothing. Background, our A/C is older than 15 years for sure, and we are nursing this unit to keep us cool in the summer. Today the A/C repair man (Mr. Matt) came and worked on the unit. Fearing that the news would be, “You need a new unit.”, we have been praying since last Friday that things would be an inexpensive fix. As silly as it may seem to some, we even enlisted the prayers of friends over our A/C unit. Well, Mr. Matt came and replaced the breaker, the filter, and checked the Frion pressure and connections, then looked at us, knowing that we have been praying, said with a sheepish grin – “That will be $143.13!” The only thought that Jen and I could say was, “Thank you Jesus and thank you Mr. Matt!”

Earlier that morning, I received a message from a good friend and mentor with the above scripture about 8:30, then at 10 AM this morning (after Mr. Matt left) I received another message with the same verse on it! I keep running into the idea of faith! 

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Heb. 11:1 

So what is the main idea here? The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow! Our best days are ahead, if we continue to just trust and believe in our FAITH in Jesus!

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow…