Fugget ‘Bout It!

NewYorkNew Yorkers have a lot of sayings that they use in their normal, everyday conversation. One of those sayings is “Fugget ‘Bout It”.

“Forget About It” is used really in 3 different ways…

  1. There is no way I am going to do that – no way.
  2. Man, I would love to do that – for sure!
  3. Oh, I am going to take care of business – you can Fugget ‘Bout It!

This week I was at lunch with two ordained ministers. One actually pastors a church in my town. The other is ordained through his church, yet works in a financial institution. As we were having lunch and talking about our lives, myself and one of them realized we had some similarities with our struggle and eventual victory in dealing with infertility. He had twins; I got 3 kids! God is a big God!

I walked away from that lunch with this scripture pounding in my chest.

Joshua 4:1-7, “1 When all the people had crossed the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, “Now choose twelve men, one from each tribe. Tell them, ‘Take twelve stones from the very place where the priests are standing in the middle of the Jordan. Carry them out and pile them up at the place where you will camp tonight.’”

So Joshua called together the twelve men he had chosen—one from each of the tribes of Israel. He told them, “Go into the middle of the Jordan, in front of the Ark of the Lord your God. Each of you must pick up one stone and carry it out on your shoulder—twelve stones in all, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. We will use these stones to build a memorial. In the future your children will ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ Then you can tell them, ‘They REMIND US that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant went across.’ These stones will stand as a MEMORIAL among the people of Israel FOREVER.”

Now I love New Yorkers! I love NYC! I love the New York Yankees! But, I couldn’t disagree with the statement “Fugget ‘Bout It” more!

We can’t forget about! We have to remember! We must not ever forget! We have to establish stones in our world that will stand forever! Talk about the great things the Lord has done! Write them down and remember them when you are in the storm and the wind is blowing! Remember that the Lord loves you and that He is a Good Good Father! And he does GREAT things!

Whatever you do…