This past week, our family buried my wife’s father. It was a tough time for all of us. There was a ton of emotion, and things were all over the place for some of our family. There was sorting through my father-in-law’s belongings, life insurance settlement and Medicaid, family meals, passion, prayers, tears, and a lot of laughter––Thank you Jesus!

One thing that kept creeping into my heart as I managed my own grief and tried to stay strong for my wife and kids, was the thought that through all of this stuff, I am who God says “I am.” He defines me––nothing else. As I talked with a member of my family, that message just kept coming out time and time again. None of my father-in-law’s stuff will bring peace. None of the memories (good or bad) will bring peace. The only thing that will be peace is me being who God said I am!

Who did God say for me to be? For me, a devoted Christ-Follower, a loving Husband, a nurturing Father, a passionate Pastor, and a thorough Coach and Lover of people. But who did God say for us all to be?