Life Songs of Dan

“How He Loves”,  a powerful reminder of the love that God has for you and me.the-medicine

“All Fired Up” was an anthem in my High School years to be passionate for Jesus! That has remained my prayer today!   Through my life, I remain humbled that I am sinner saved by His Grace, yet used for His Purpose! crowder-neon-steepleThe day I said yes to Jesus, the day I married Jen, the day I met each of my kids, the day I said yes to the Call!  albumart_d9e4c06b-f3d8-4793-a800-63f027c998f1_large “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven” gave my son this awesome quote, “I want to live to go to heaven!” Love that boy!albumart_e7523a88-692f-483d-948d-7a206c34af80_large I have always felt like an “Underdog”. But the day I met Jesus, that all changed! Underdog by birth, Overcomer by new birth!My newest Life Song, “Chain Breaker”! He is my Chain Breaker and my Way Maker! Thank You Jesus! “Run Devil Run” is a GREAT reminder that “He who is in me, is greater that he that is in the world – JESUS!”