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This is a message Jen preached at Cornerstone Church in Winchendon, MA on Mother’s Day of 2019. This is truly one of the most powerful messages that I have heard in a while! Yes she is my wife, but she is ANOINTED!


This is a sermon that my son Isaiah and I got to preach in a friends church on August 14, 2016. I feel as though the best part of the sermon is my son’s ability to hear God speak to him! I am so honored to call him Son, and blessed to hear him call me Dad!

Preaching is a family affair for us. Here is a sermon I like to call – “Ian’s Short” I know you will be touched by the faith of this child!

This is a sermon that I got to “tag team preach” with the Pastoral Team of First Assembly of God in Memphis, TN. on Good Friday in 2010. This was 15 months after my mom had passed away. My portion of the sermon was the “Role of Holy Spirit in Christ Death”. This was powerful for me to preach having just walked through the peace of the Holy Spirit through the death of my mom. I hope you will see that through the death of a mustard seed, life happens!