Good Day or Good Evening! First let me start by saying that we are in the center of the Lord’s work and hand! If I have ever been convinced that we are in the place that the operative word is NOW, it is now!

NOW is the time!

N – Not Afraid of what may look imposssible! Not afraid of what the surroundings may say is undoable! Not afraid of what some may call foolish! Not afraid of those that would say, “That is not for us, NOW!” Yes it is, and we are NOT AFRAID!

O – Operation 3:16 – Cheesy, yes. Churchy yes. For us – YES! When is the last time we thought of what is was really like to be lost! When was the last time that we thought of what is must be like to see someone, maybe our family, friends, neighbor, co-worker, how about even our enemy – face and enternity without Jesus! The Gospel is not good news, if it doesn’t get there in time! We have to be telling people our passion – The GOSPEL! It is not good enough to talk to them about our church, it is time for us as individuals to rise up and begin to love with the Gospel, Speak the Gospel, and Live the Gospel! It is our job, mine and yours to tell the Gospel story in all that we do! Every day! 365!

W – WOW! Have you ever thought WOW”, when you were at a beach at sunrise! How about sunset across a beautiful placid lake in the mountains! Think of the first time you saw a whale creasting in a canal, or a rainbow over the Landscape you call home! WOW! Guess what, the WOW factor has to come alive in our walk with Christ! He is AWESOME! HE IS AMZING! HE IS OUR HEALER, OUR FRIEND, OUR PROTECTOR, OUR DELIVER! HE IS OUR SCAPEGOAT, OUR NEED METER, OUR NEED RELIEVER! HE IS OUR REASON FOR LIVING, OUR REASON FOR DIEING! HE IS OUR SALVATION! He is “WOW”!

I learned an astounding statistic tonight! Between the countries of Monazbique, Nigeria, and Ghana on the continent of Africa, the AG missionaries of those countries have won bewteen 6.3% and 7.6% of those countries to the Lord. Of the AG churches in Southern New England, the 177 churches make up of @ 29,000 people in our churches. If you do the percentage of just over 11,200,000 that call SNE their home, we are reaching 00.0025% of our home! We have to be serious!

What would happen if we got so serious about the gospel that paid off our mortgage, so that we could invest pour more resources into the Gospel and the felt needs of the your community? What would happen if you teamed up to plant a church in a community on the otherside of the county, that doesn’t have  church that is preaching the Gospel? What if you decided to invest money and your personal time or life in to a town in a state that has had no church planted there? What if you decided you wanted to find and unreached people group and begin to train leaders to move into that country and usher in the the words of Jesus, “This Gospel will be preached to all people, and THEN the end shall come!” What if we said NOW!

I want to do more! Do you? Let’s help each other! Will you begin to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send in workers? Will you pray that God would give you creativity in finances to spend on the Gospel? Will you pray with me that God will move before us, protect us, light us on FIRE so the World May Know!

I know I am preaching, I just couldn’t wait until Sunday! Can you copy this message, send it to your Friends via Facebook, Twitter, email! Can you spread the passion of the Father’s heart! Will you pray with me to see what the Lord will do! Let’s start NOW!

Until we talk again, let the passion burn, the Father lead, let the Message spread!