Living in the Sight of Water

I have been thinking about something this past week! Want to know what it is?  WATER! Living on an island, I constantly think of water. I eat out of it, play in it, and drive by it (sometimes through it). Water surrounds my whole life by as close as 1.5 miles away. Hence some thoughts about water…

Have you ever noticed how water is so moving in many ways. It scares some people; yet they cannot live without it. It is exhilarating to others; yet takes the lives of many and destroys through floods, rain, and accidents. Visiting the beach is a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA alone, yet pollution drives life from it seemingly every year. Water…it’s breathtaking––both good and bad! Water…it’s beautiful––yet so vast and so overwhelming. Water…calm and turbulent, all in the same way! Water…we simply cannot live without it!

Check this video, entitled “No More Sea”, that my friend Rev. Zach Hunt of Cordova, TN wrote and produced!

This week in my personal time, I began to notice that Jesus spent a lot of time preaching and changing lives around the waterfront and shoreline. In Luke 5 Jesus performs three very different miracles, all on the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee.

1st – The disciples had a catch of catches, only after a long depressing night of fishing – which translates into catching nothing! He called them to go into the deep places of water or “chaos”. Look what happened!  They caught so many fish they had to have help hauling them in! Our world is in the deep chaos. We have to go to them.  They will not get to us––they are lost!

2nd – The man with leprosy who asked Jesus if He was willing. Good for the man––Jesus was willing! No matter where you are at in your life or where the people in your life are at, Jesus is willing to see you and them healthy and living for Him! He is willing, He is for REAL!

3rd – Because of the faith of his friends, a man was lowered through the roof and Jesus healed him! As a Christian, our faith is the difference for someone else’s eternal reality! We are the difference between Heaven or hell for somebody that we know and call friend. Remember, the sins of the man on the mat were forgiven because of the FAITH of his FRIENDS!

This all happened in the sight of water! No matter where you are at today––scared, bewildered, amazed, or simply needing a friend to help you to Jesus––let the water that flows from the everlasting well flow in your life!

John 4:14 “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

Keep Living in the Sight of Water, because there is coming a day when there will be “No More Sea”!

PS. Thanks Zach for the confirmation of my quiet time all week long!