Did you know that the famous Graceland mansion in Memphis, TN was named after the daughter of Print Tycoon S.E. Toof. He built a beautiful homestead, full of splendor and exquisite landscaping for that period in history.

During this same period of time, there was an up-and-coming rock ’n roll singer by the name of Elvis Presley. Elvis was living on the other side of town in an average neighborhood. As his fame and notoriety grew, his life was open to photographers snapping pictures at all hours of the day and night. He got sick of having his life interrupted.  He wanted a place that was safe from the outside world!

Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957. He added and changed some things to fit his style and taste: the jungle room, TV room, swimming pool, racquetball court, meditation garden, and a large stone wall surrounding the property. He put his stamp on that beautiful piece of property and closed it to the public.

He never again had to deal with photographers in the middle of the night or morning, but his life was lived from behind the large stone fence––laced with loneliness, bitterness, and pain. Graceland became a namesake––not a place of grace and forgiveness!

Nevertheless––Graceland––what a great name!  Did you know that you have the ability to live in Graceland.  You can live in a place free of guilt, anger, and bitterness!  If you are hurting today, lost in the pain of life and circumstance, or perhaps you have put up a large stone fence around your heart––there is Grace!

In the book of Joshua, chapter 6, we see the story of Jericho and how the walls fell! The large walls of your life filled with pain, hurt, bitterness, and loneliness can fall; all with a shout of victory led by the Father in Heaven Himself!

Do yourself a favor.  Walk around the walls of your heart today.  Shout “Jesus, free me!” And watch the Graceland that comes not from the king of rock ’n roll, but from the King that loves you so much He died for you––Jesus! He said, “Let the hurting come to me!” If you’re hurting, Jesus loves you and cares for you! He will set you free!