Follow the Star!

magiAs the shepherds exited the stage, proclaiming the story of the Christ Child; several countries to the east, another set of major players were about to be introduced to this wonderful story––THE THREE KINGS!

I often wonder (as I wander) what their lives were like. There is not a whole lot of their story revealed in scripture; hence the conversation as to the timing of their arrival to see Jesus. We know this: Mary and Joseph had a house, so they were no longer in a barn. Yet in Matthew’s account of the story, the star still shown over the place where Jesus was. Amazing! God was still showing the way to Jesus!

The thought occurs to me that surely when people are coming to Jesus, whether it be right away (after He appears) or sometime later, the life signs––our indicators (or if you are like me the neon signs) that point the way to Jesus will still remain!

  • These men had gifts to bring Jesus––items that were undoubtedly used to in Jesus’ life as he became a young man––the early years of ministry preparation!
  • They had a story to help tell; the story of the first Christmas. The Gospel story flows through these three men.
  • They had a destiny to rewrite what could have become history. They changed the course of Herod’s evil plan to destroy the Son of God!

These men played a very important role in the story. They were catalysts––thermostats, not thermometers! We have some valuable lessons to learn through their role. As you read the Christmas story this season, as you apply the Christmas Story this season, let me encourage you to take inventory of your life and ask yourself these three questions…

  1. What Gifts do you have to give to Christ? To use for Christ?
  2. What story will be written by your life? Do you know the ending to that story?
  3. How is destiny going to unfold for you and others as you follow Jesus?

As you wonder, as you wander––know that you are truly a part of the story God has authored to change the world! Bring your gift…use your gift! Tell His story! Change the lives of people all along the way! Follow the STAR!

Merry Christmas!