Christmas Is Coming!

nativityI am thinking right now about the coming of a baby. I need to confess that the baby that is really on the forefront of my mind is not the Christ child in the first Christmas story. On December 19, my wife will give birth to our third child…our son Ian Daniel! The anticipation of this coming baby is too much to control some days, but we know that it will be a special day! Even with this emotional anticipation Jen and I feel, the excitement of Christmas coming is still really intense in my 10-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. Christmas is Coming!

Imagine the excitement that must have been in the stable as the shepherds began to come and worship baby Jesus. Imagine the excitement in Jesus’ house when the three Wise Men showed up. Mary and Joseph had to be so overwhelmed at the surroundings and the people that were coming to see this baby.

Through all of this excitement though, I wonder what Mary and Joseph were really feeling when the Angel of the Lord came to them and told them what was about to take place. They were going to be the parents of the Son of God! “Who, me?” “Why me?” “Can I do this?” All questions that we would ask today.

But think this through with me. The angels were saying, “Christmas is Coming!” What a line to hear! Jesus is coming! Jesus wants to be with you. He wants a relationship with you! Jesus is coming simply for you and I! Oh, how He loves us!

No matter what you are looking at in your future! Remember, “Christmas is Coming!”