God has BIG plans for you! It is through transformation. Guess what? Transformation is a God thing! It’s something we can’t figure out until after the fact. We desire it. We have to have it. But ultimately it lies within the plan and will of our Heavenly Father! Transformation takes place with 2 attributes…

1. Obedience

2. Knowing our place

Obedience to God… Trusting and following in His plan, His ways, and the “laws” that He set up as the Key to life!

Knowing our place… Michael W. Smith sang a song titled, “My Place in this World.” Our place is that we are just passing through this life. Our ultimate destination is Heaven–– not success, clout, affluence, or stuff. Our place is His place––HEAVEN!

Today, let God transform you. Let God speak the BIG plans He has for your life!

Jer. 29:1 – 16